Dan gradings

The Wadōkai Finland dan committee organises JKF Wadōkai 1st – 3rd dan grade exams twice a year. The dan grade exams are during the technical seminars in May and November. The dan committee sends the information of successful grades to the JKF Wadōkai headquarters where the grades are registered. In due course, the headquarters will send dan certificates for the dan committee to hand out on upcoming seminars.

The JKF Wadōkai has set the following fees for registering dan grades:

1st dan – 8 000 ¥ (~46 €)  + non-recurring JKF Wadōkai membership fee 3 000 ¥ (~17 €)
2nd dan – 9 000 ¥ (~52 €)
3rd dan – 10 000 ¥ (~58 €)

The registering fees are paid to the dan committee in euros along with the examination fee according to the exchange rate effective at the time. The registering fee is returned upon unsuccessful grading.

Dan syllabus 1st – 5th dan

 Registering form for dan grade exam (web form)

Kyū and Mon gradings

The clubs in Wadōkai Finland plan and organise their kyū and mon examinations by themselves and award the achieved grade to their members.

Wadōkai Finland gives its recommendations for the kyū and mon syllabuses to be used in the clubs. These syllabuses are created to support the clubs and groups studying Wadō-Ryū karate in Finland. Their purpose is to help the student to progress step by step in studying Wadō-Ryū karate in such a way where the proper technical development would be possible. The described requirements will help the student to eventually reach the technical proficiency to pass the dan grade exams according to the technical standards set by the JKF Wadōkai.

Kyū and mon syllabuses (in Finnish)