Technical seminars

Wadōkai Finland dan committee organises annually four technical seminars (February, May, September and November) alternating in different locations, such as Lohja, Joensuu, Mikkeli, Kuopio and Turku. The members of the dan committee work as the instructors on these seminars.

The participants are divided into groups according to their belt grade (yl-or, gn-bl and bn-bk) which makes the seminars perfectly suitable for all grades. The training sessions focus on working on the basics and what is listed in the kyu/dan syllabuses. In the upper level groups the training viewpoint is that of a club instructor and learning how to teach. In the lower level groups the aim is in improving everyone’s personal technical level and preparing to join a grading sometime in the near future.

You can find all the dan committee technical seminars marked in red on the Events page.

We also arrange special seminars, one-day training camps, private training sessions etc. on demand. You can find information about these events also on the Events page.


The dan committee also arranges courses on demand, such as grading course.

The grading course is intended for everyone involved in the club’s grading process and for those who are interested to become an examiner. The course prepares you to function as a kyu grade examiner. The course consists of theory and practical training.

Grading course contents:

  • Kyu/dan syllabuses
  • Minimum time limits and evaluation criteria for each grade
  • Components of the evaluation criteria
  • Principles of the style
  • Common mistakes that show up in the grading
  • Role of the examiner / teacher (preparing for the grading, practical preparations, completing the examination, evaluation, post-grading tasks)

Are you interested to book a seminar/course for your club or in cooperation with other clubs?