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The JKF (Japan Karatedō Federation) Wadōkai is an internationally renowned Karate organisation consisting of over 1,350 branches within Japan and over 250 group outside Japan (including registered branches). Among over 850,000 members, around 180,000 hold black belt ranks.

The JKF Wadōkai is run using a collegial approach which has kept the organisation intact for the most part for nearly 80 years. The Technical Committee oversees standards and grading examinations and consists of the most senior active instructors.

The JKF Wadōkai is the largest karate organisation within the Japan Karate Federation. The style is very popular amongst the university karate clubs in Japan and many leading competitors have come from the JKF Wadōkai over the years.


April 1st, 1934
The “Dai Nippon Karate Shinkō Club”, an original body of Wadō-Kai, was founded by Hironori Ōtsuka (Suehiro-chō, Kanda-ward, Tokyo).

February 25th, 1938
The “Dai Nippon Karatedō Shinbukai” was established.

May 5th, 1940
Participated in the “Celebration for 2600B.C. and 44th Butoku Festival” under the name “Wadō-Ryū Karate Jutsu”. The name “Wadō-Ryū” was established.

Established the headquarter dōjō (Sankō Dōjō) at Tsukiji.

The “Wadō-Ryū Rules” were instituted. The Wadō-Ryū headquarters were established in the Meiji University karate club and a dōjō established in Osaki Police Station Budōjō.

May 19th, 1954
A demonstration was held at Hibiya Public Hall in commemoration of 20th anniversary of Wadō-Ryū and to celebrate the foundation of “Zen Nippon Karatedō Renmei” (All Japan Karate Federation) though it was a Wadō-Ryū private organisation.

May 5th, 1955
The first National Championship at Shibuya Public Hall.

May 1st, 1964
The “All Nippon Karatedō Federation” (JKF) was founded. The Wadō-Ryū organisation joined it as a major group.

June 5th, 1967
The name of the Wadō-Ryū organisation was changed to “Wadō-Kai”.

July 11th, 1976
The 12th Wadō-Kai National Championships at Nippon Budōkan, held every year thereafter.

January 29th, 1982
Hironori Ōtsuka passed away.

August 25-26th, 1989
The first World Wadō Cup in London.